Aman, I’ve been exactly where your friend is at right now. I let the predatory man treat me like sh*t and still came running back to him, for a year! I consider myself a smart person. But one’s intelligence level really has nothing to do with how one approaches love once it hits hard. It was like getting struck by lightening and all of a sudden you’re possessed by them. I had a friend just like you, who were worried about me and kept telling me to end it and that I deserved so much better. I knew she was right but I didn’t, and I couldn’t, until he ended it. The reason I stayed for that long was the same as your friend’s. Before him, there was no one who showed the same amount of interests and everywhere I looked I cannot find someone similar. I also had the “a little something is better than nothing” mentality. The only way, unfortunately, is to let your friend fall hard, like I did, before she will truly see how ending it is the only way to reclaim her happiness. All of my friend’s advice fell on deaf ears until he decided to pull the plug. Only then I was able to let go (of course it took me a long time to recover still). However, I did feel extremely grateful for my friend who kept telling me the truth of my relationship. It may not work immediately, but from my very own experience, it did have a significant impact on clearing things up for me.

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