Thank you so much for writing this! I had a similar experience. I was friends with this girl who’s a few years younger than me for the past two years. She has a long history of drinking and never stopped pushing alcohol on me whenever we hung out. I repeatedly told her that I cannot drink because I have had multiple incidents of passing out in public only after drinking a small amount of alcohol. I have a family history of allergy to alcohol and as a result I inherited the brilliant genes. She wouldn’t believe me and kept insisted. She said I wasn’t fun and that if I drank the “right” kind of alcohol I wouldn’t have those near life-threatening incidents. She even inferred that the reason I’ve been single for so long is because I don’t drink. The result is I broke up with her. It was a painful thing to do and I have never done that to a friend but it had to be done. We do not need any friend who value alcohol above us. I hope you’re able to make peace with the fact that you two are probably not compatible as friends. Stay close to those who value us as we are: alcohol-consuming or not.